Important Announcement

 Important Announcement

So to start off you have likely noticed we have not uploaded for a few days, and the reason why is because we found out that the program we where using to finalize are videos was adding a static noise, and lowering the bass, but now we have found a new program for finalizing are videos, and have remanded all of the videos that we have uploaded already.

Now you will start to notice the videos on are channel being removed, and shortly after being re-added to the channel.

Also, we will restart daily uploads tomorrow.

A Few Things To Note.

  • All links to old videos will stop working.

  • All playlist that had one of are videos in it will need to be updated. (Are old playlist links will still work, we already updated them.)

  • All of are videos will appear in your sub box again, this will only happen today.


And, lastly we would like to say sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

,BassThat Team


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